About Us

Here you can find out information about the Home technical support services we offer. Call us on 028 28272827 for information on pricing and availability
Call us on 09067 700 700 to get straight through to a memeber of our technical support staff. *All calls are charged at £1.04 per minute*


All remote support is done using the Teamviewer application. Please download Teamviewer version 5 from the Teamviewer website or from the link provided below


Home Support - What we offer

PAYG Support

Pay as you go support.
We offer support and remote asistance for all your common (and not so common) PC issues.


We offer informative guides and tutorials to help you through issues such as, operating system setup and email creation

Please view the video below for a guide on how our service works

Speckie Techies is a Pay As You Go support helpline for all your technology based problems. We have fully qualified technicians at your disposal. To keep the call as short as possible, please have to hand any relevant information that may be required to assist the techie in sorting out your problem.

If possible please have a computer turned on and sitting on our web site’s home page: www.SpeckieTechies.com as there may be utilities that you will be required to download to assist the techie.If you have a smart phone or webcam please have it at hand, as the techies may use it to help solve your problem