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Here you can find out information about Olympus dictation and transcription hardware and software available to buy from us. Call us on 028 28272827 for information on pricing and availability.

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Remote Installation

Buy digital dictation hardware, including dictation devices and foot pedals and get them installed remotely by us.


We offer support for the hardware and software related to the dictation devices. Existing or newly installed


Training and instructional walkthroughs on the use of the hardware and software

Olympus offers a number of specialised dictation systems for recording dictations and transcribing them into documents. The Olympus Dictation System comprises dictation devices, dictation management software and transcription solutions including footswitches and transcription headsets. See below for a short list of our most popular products. For a full list of products or for further information on pricing and availability contact us on 028 28272827

Important Information

Order 10 or more Units to recieve free P&P.

With the Olympus Professional dictation, you have a choice of two version of the software licence with a slight variation.

The first is to purchase the software with the hardware; this is the most cost effective method with each unit coming with compatible software for that particular piece of hardware. Each user has standalone software that will collect dictation from a central file storage area (your server).

The second is to purchase an open licence; you must purchase a minimum of 10 licences. The open Licence allows you to use centralised management software that will control each of the software units making it much easier to manage the dictation and storage method. It does however force you on the upgrade trail and if a new version of the software comes out that only supports new devices you must pay to upgrade your software. If you are using a terminal server for remote users or satellite offices then you must use the open licence system.

Price per user for open licence
Transcription software - 166.40
Dictation software - 115.42


Professional dictation has never been so powerful and simple. The DS-7000 satisfy highest demands for business dictation requirements. The durable, metal-bodied units with their large colour LCD screen combine best usability with maximum recording quality. Thanks to PIN protection and 256-bit DSS Pro real time data encryption, even the most sensitive files remain secure at all times. It fully supports your workflow also in conjunction with speech recognition software (speech recognition software not included).

  • 2″ full colour display (65,000 colours)
  • Precise 4 position slide switch
  • 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • Digital Voice Recorder in full metal body
  • Dedicated docking station with easy and light connection feeling
  • Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
  • Geared for Dragon Naturally Speaking

342.86 ex VAT


Olympus introduces the next generation of Directrec USB microphones. The new line of direct audio recording systems sets benchmarks in terms of its durable and ergonomic design, operability and excellent audio quality.

The DR-2200 has been designed for prolonged usage, with a smooth and rounded back for comfortable hold, in addition to a carefully considered interface layout featuring a multi-functional slide switch for one-thumb operation and a stainless steel trackball for extra-precise navigation. Even more the symmetrical design enables optimum handling for left and right-handed users.

Besides maximum ease of use and efficiency, this device is equipped with a low-noise directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises and ensure the best results in speech recognition and transcription. The DR-2200 is engineered to work best with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software and delivers perfect results that are more accurate than ever. A powerful and integrated speaker with digital volume control supports a clear playback.

212.06 ex VAT


The AS-7000 Transcription Kit includes a 4 button footswitch and stereo headset to ensure ergonomic working by the transcriptionist. In addition, process efficiency is optimised thanks to the new “Olympus Dictation Management System – Transcription Module” bundled with this Transcription Kit. Besides making secure file management easier than ever before, it offers multiple file transfer options to suit individual requirements. Full Citrix and Terminal Service support is provided and it is compatible with POP3, SMTP, and extended MAPI email environments. Moreover, SSL support for email/ftp is also included.

  • RS31 – 4 button USB footswitch (3 + 1)
  • For hands free operation
  • Under chin ear phone E-62
  • ODMS – Olympus Dictation Management System CD (R6)
  • Transcription module to organize and playback dictations
  • Manages DSSPro, DSS, WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files
  • File and document management
  • Management of sender profiles

151.52 ex VAT

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